Fresco found in Knossos palace, Crete, Greece, dated 1600 – 1450 BCE. (Source: Wikipedia)

The Origins and Development of Europe, from the Proto-Indo-Europeans to the Conflicts of the 20th Century.

Established in 2018, European Origins is a blog focusing on the history of Europe, particularly from the period of Prehistory to the Early Middle Ages, but branching out into more recent historical events, as well as Mythology and Philosophy, too. If you like our content, don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom of the page.

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Europe ca. 476 CE

Although the Germans were certainly less sophisticated than their contemporary Romans, Greeks, Egyptians or even the neighbouring Celts, which to the Mediterranean world were already considered barbarians, they were to some degree responsible for the fall of the Western Roman Empire. The Kingdoms which they built upon the ruins of the Imperium gave Europe a new face which can still be recognized today in countries such as France, which was the kingdom and later the Empire of the Franks under Charlemagne (as was Germany) or England, literally the country of the Angles, a tribe from northern Germany which conquered England… Read More Europe ca. 476 CE

On Consciousness, Perspective, Constructivism and Morality

One of the fundamental issues within philosophy is that of human consciousness. What is consciousness, what does it mean to be aware of oneself? In the past it has been identified as a defining trait of humanity to be able to reflect on one’s own thoughts and actions, on that which we call “I” or “the self”. In recent decades in has come to light, however, that at least some animals are conscious of themselves as well, to varying degrees. What exactly this means shall not be the point of this essay. Instead, I’d like to focus on the problem… Read More On Consciousness, Perspective, Constructivism and Morality


This article is a re-blog from HERITAGEDAILY (link to original article at the bottom of the page). HERITAGEDAILY is an independent publisher of the latest scientific discoveries, research, and travel news. First launched as a small archaeology blog in 2011, the platform has grown into a general science publisher with a focus on archaeology, anthropology, palaeoanthropology, and palaeontology. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Almost three hundred years after the Romans left, scholars like Bede wrote about the Angles and the Saxons and their migrations to the British Isles. Scholars of many disciplines, including archaeology, history, linguists and genetics, have debated what his words might have… Read More THE ANGLO-SAXON MIGRATION: NEW INSIGHTS FROM GENETICS


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