Update: Subsistence Work of Hunter-Gatherers and New Project

As it has been a while since I announced the article about Subsistence Work in Hunter-Gatherer societies I thought that it’s time for a general update.

Unfortunately this project wasn’t approved by my University and thus it had to be postponed indefinitely. I am still planning on writing and publishing at least a short article on the topic, however, as I am convinced that modern capitalist societies can still learn a lot about work and life from the last forager groups on this planet.

The good news is that I have been working on a project about the infamous Spartan Agoge instead, and the manuscript is almost 10,000 words long, the longest form of any text I’ve ever written. It is not quite finished yet and I won’t be able to publish the paper here until the end of year, but I will be able to post a little preview of the general table of contents and some bits I had to edit out of the “official” version.

At the same time I am still conducting research on the Hinduism project which I started roughly a week ago. So there should be a fair amount of content being added to the blog over the following weeks.

Until then I want to say thank you to all those who come and visit, and perhaps find a few of the things I write about helpful in one way or another.

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