Thank You!

This is just a little update on the blog and what’s been happening with it over the last few weeks.

After running European Origins for almost a year and having had a blog prior to this I decided to dedicate to this website, more so than I have done in the past. I purchased the domain, set up social media accounts and started posting more regularly, including reposting content from other amazing bloggers that I found fit the theme. Instead of trying to fit everything that I’m interested in into one platform, I’ve made the decision to focus on what the name of this website really stands for: The Origins of Europe and it’s people.

So I restructured the entire layout of the website and started writing more introductionary articles, so that readers from all kinds of backgrounds could sort of ease themselves into the topic of the Proto-Indo-Europeans instead of having to work through one of the more technical articles.

And the feedback that I’ve received from just putting in a little more effort and making these small changes humbled me. The blog is now growing at an unprecedented rate and I want to thank all of you, whether you just come around to visit or are a subscriber, for making my work feel appreciated. To create something that I deemed useful or helpful to some people has always been one of my greatest goals in life and it’s amazing to see that some people out there enjoy the content that I’ve put up here.

And this is why I want to say thank you to all of you who come by and visit, no matter if you’re a subscriber or not. You make this project feel real.

In the upcoming weeks and months I will keep focusing on providing content on the Proto-Indo-Europeans to really flesh out this part of European history, with occasional additions to the several Indo-European peoples. In the future I’m hoping to add content concerning Marija Gimbutas Old Europeans, the natives of the continent prior to the arrival of hours the PIEs, as they have arguably contributed just as much (if not more) to modern Europe.

Older posts will also be updated frequently to provide the newest information, so it will be worth while to come back and revisit these articles every once in a while.

Again, thank you all so much for showing up and supporting European Origins.

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