European Origins in German

After some consideration I will start publishing posts in my native language and the language of my studies. When I started this blog it was aimed at an international audience and it definitely still is, but I have recently noticed an increase in activity from German-speaking countries and came to the conclusion that some of my articles and essays may have some more use for these people in their original language.

This doesn’t mean that I will seize publishing articles in English; on the contrary, English will still be the main language used on this platform. How many articles and how often I will publish in German is uncertain at this point, but I just wanted to let my subscribers know, so there’s no confusion about the upcoming content.

For the beginning I will post the original of my essay on the origin of the Elder Futhark, the oldest of the Runic Alphabets. The majority of the posts published in German won’t be any different from the articles published in English, but rather translations, so if you do not speak German you won’t miss out on anything.

Hope you’ll enjoy the German content!

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