European Origins was launched as a student project in the summer of 2019. Since then it has grown steadily, both in terms of content, as well as in popularity.

The contents published here mainly fall into the category of history and prehistory, revolving around relatively early Indo-European speaking populations in Europe, such as the early Germanic, Celtic, Hellenic and Italic speakers. Articles concerning other Indo-European speaking groups, such as the Balts or the Slavs, or populations outside of Europe, may be added in time.

Apart from these, there is a considerable amount of information concerning the hypothesized speakers of the reconstructed language ancestral to all Indo-European languages, the Proto-Indo-Europeans. Their mythology in particular is being investigated.

Originally, the blog was supposed to encompass as much information about the history and culture of the Indo-European populations across Eurasia as possible, similar to an encyclopedia. Having published content for the past two years, it has become apparent, that this is an impossible task to achieve, at least for a sole individual. Instead, this website should be seen as a platform, on which independent research by a curious student of history is published with the hopeful aim to answer some of the questions, which may or may not be of significance to some people out there.

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