Tattúínárdǿla saga: If Star Wars Were an Icelandic Saga

Originally posted on Tattúínárdǿla saga:
A long time ago, in a North Atlantic far far away… Introduction Earlier this week I was drawn into an enlightening discussion with my colleague Ben Frey about the complicated textual tradition that lies behind George Lucas’s “Star Wars,” which few outside the scholarly community realize is…

Update on ‘The Indo-European Languages’

Much of the content on this website revolves around the Proto-Indo-Europeans and their descendant peoples, the Indo-Europeans. A couple of months ago I made it a priority to write a few introductionary articles on the Proto-Indo-Europeans themselves, their mythology and their languages, to make the topic more accessible and understandable to a wider audience. Now, … Continue reading Update on ‘The Indo-European Languages’

European Origins in German

After some consideration I will start publishing posts in my native language and the language of my studies. When I started this blog it was aimed at an international audience and it definitely still is, but I have recently noticed an increase in activity from German-speaking countries and came to the conclusion that some of … Continue reading European Origins in German

What Is the Oldest English Word?

Someone asked this on Quora and Oscar Tay gave a fascinating answer. The oldest recorded word In English is Gægogæ mægæ medu. The Undley Bracteate In 1982, a farmer in Undley Common, Suffolk, England, was walking across his field when he came across a fantastic bit of history: The Undley Bracteate, an Anglo-Saxon medallion dating … Continue reading What Is the Oldest English Word?

The Origin of the Elder Futhark

The mythical runes of the Vikings have fascinated many throughout the centuries. In some areas of Scandinavia they remained in use until as late as the 17th century. But where did they originally come from? A comparison of the Latin, North Etruscan and Phoenician Theses of the origin of the runes.

The Origins of The Ancient Celts

Many European Nations today claim Celtic heritage. But where did their ancestors originally come from? A comparison of the linguistic, archaeological and genetic evidence.

Thank You!

This is just a little update on the blog and what’s been happening with it over the last few weeks. After running European Origins for almost a year and having had a blog prior to this I decided to dedicate to this website, more so than I have done in the past. I purchased the … Continue reading Thank You!


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