Modern History

Although the vast majority of the content on this website will revolve around the early history of Europe, articles concerning Modern History may be published from time to time as well. Everything after the double revolution of the late 18th and the early 19th century, consisting of the French and the Industrial revolutions, will be considered part of Modern History and all posts concerning events, nations, culture, language or other phenomena falling in this time frame will be posted here.

Y-DNA Haplogroups in the German Empire

The Haplogroup distribution across the German Empire prior to WW1 according to FTDNA and Robert Gabel.Haplogroup I is the oldest of them and probably resembles remnants of Hunter-Gatherer lineages whilst R1b and R1a are connected to Celto-Germanic and Slavic peoples.

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German Prisoners Of War in Britain 1939-1948

The Second World War was the most devastating conflict in human history. All sides suffered horrendous casualties, but not all of those belonged to the dead or the wounded. Many, in fact, the vast majority, were taken captive and had to be taken care of, which put a massive administrative burden on the belligerent nations.…

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