Thank You!

This is just a little update on the blog and what’s been happening with it over the last few weeks. After running European Origins for almost a year and having had a blog prior to this I decided to dedicate to this website, more so than I have done in the past. I purchased theContinue reading “Thank You!”

Living DNA Review

How useful is Living DNA to determine your ancestry? This review deals with German autosomal admixture in particular, featuring Baltic, Tuscan and Germanic components.

Do Ancestry DNA Tests Work?

Many people are understandably intrigued by the relatively new service of personal ancestry tests to determine their own origins. But how reliable are they really?

2020 Update

Just a quick update in regards to the promised post about the origin of the Elder Futhark. Work on this project has finished last month and I’m currently waiting for the permission to publish it here. The essay will most likely be posted in three chunks due to the amount of content. In the meantimeContinue reading “2020 Update”